These fabrics are ONLY for the Senses Mirage collection these are a new type of blinds which let light in from different angles great for colour and modern looking blinds.

         Allure Midnight                  Allure Onyx                       Beam Maple

          Beam Walnut                   Essence Caramel                Essence Cream      


     Essence Heather                     Essence Moss                   Essence Raspberry

          Essence Teal                     Essence Truffle                       Essence White

          Illume Chalk                     Illume Chocolate                       Illume Ebony

          Illume Hessian                     Illume Honey                       Illume Mineral


          Lustre Chrome                     Lustre Graphite            Serenity Champagne

          Serenity Frost                     Serenity Pewter            SerenityStone

          Umbra Pewter                     Umbra Quartz            Umbra Silver

          Allure Scarlet                        Beam Elm                        Desire Natural

                                                          Essence Black